Visitation Rights

Especially in the separation of spouses or unmarried partners often leads to disputes as to the exercise of rights with their children. Those who suffer most are the children involved.

Age does not matter, because no matter how old a child is, it suffers in different ways. Each parent should so try not to influence by educational means or by negative remarks about the other parent, who is no longer living in the same household, the child.

After the legal rights of both parents have a right to regular contact with their child. On the other hand, the common child also has a right to contact with both parents. Regarding the temporal scale or frequency of intercourse taking place, there is legally no fixed rules. This depends on several conditions. Here, for example, the local distance between the two estranged parents or even the child’s age play a role.

In exceptional cases, such as when suspicions of abuse rights of access may be completely prohibited, or only in the presence of a third party are permitted. Since dialogue regarding visiting rights between both parents is often limited or not possible, there is the possibility to take the help of the local youth welfare office to complete. The youth ministry is here in an advisory and mediating function is available and allows the parents to carry out the joint call again, because both have not only the right to use, but also the duty to allow the handling of the estranged father or the mother, and this also to promote.

The center to this process is always the welfare of the child. Often the kids will so strongly influenced by a partner that dealing is not connected or possible only with great difficulty. In this case, one should seek legal assistance is essential. A law firm that has a lawyer specializing in family law a lot of experience in the field of visitation rights.

Lawyers Specializing in the Middle Class

Lawyer specializing in intellectual property law and lawyer specializing in commercial and corporate law. The fact that lawyers specialize more and more, now know more and more litigants. Particular importance is attached to the specialized ombudsmen. This is a certified specialist lawyers of their supervisory authority of the Bar Association awarded.

Less well known is that lately many new specialized ombudsmen have been created that are also and especially for medium-sized companies of interest. Example, mention may be made ​​here of the specialist IP lawyer and the lawyer specializing in commercial law and corporate law.

The specialist lawyer is a born partner when it comes to questions of competition law (in particular law against unfair competition) goes, trademark law, copyright law, etc.. The lawyer specializing in intellectual property law must acquire special skills and also also prove yet that he has special practical experience in a 120-hour training course on these areas of law. The particular practical experiences require the processing of at least 80 cases of intellectual property law, including at least 15 cases to court.

The same applies to the lawyer specializing in commercial law and company law . Here, too, writes the Lawyers which lays down the conditions for the acquisition of specialized ombudsmen, a training of at least 120 hours, to obtain the specific theoretical knowledge. Among the subjects there areas of law include the right of public companies, the partnerships, the group law and the conversion law, the substantive trade law itself of course (law ​​of the trading class and the trading transactions, international sales law). At least 80 cases must have edited the lawyer before he can make an application for admission to the specialist for commercial and corporate law.

Both the specialist solicitors are for Intellectual Property Law and the Lawyers specializing in commercial and corporate law for medium-sized companies, the appropriate contact when the corresponding legal issues arise.

Insurance Law Claims

In case of early termination of insurance can also continue to offset the contract costs and have to pay only half the amount saved plus interest.

The insurance lawyers who provide more information on the recent ruling on their side issues insurance law, know the closing costs are weighing particularly heavily, especially in the first years. For this reason, the first January 2008 a new law was passed which provides for a distribution to the first five years for the calculation of the surrender value. However, this rule applies to the awt lawyers consider only gross for policies where the contract costs are included in the insurance premiums. The situation is different with net policies in which the agreements on the contract costs were taken separately. Here, five-year-regulation does not apply, according to the opinion of the insurance lawyers.

Insurance Lawyers: End date is crucial for the redemption value calculation

For contracts that were completed by the end of 2007, the new regulation does not apply. Here is the old law, as the Supreme Court. In specific cases, two insurance customers had complained to a higher payout under the new calculation key. However, their insurance companies were from 2004 and were terminated in 2009. The charge of the Insurance Law IV Civil Division dismissed the application on the grounds that the 
law was introduced in 2008, not retroactive, and this also could not be intended by the legislature.

What kind of insurance are affected inform Insurance Lawyers

The decision relates to pensions and life insurance policies that were completed between late 2001 and 2007 and subsequently terminated or asked contributory explaining insurance lawyers the Supreme Court ruling. The same rule of the Supreme Court had previously taken for contracts until 2001, so now the last remaining gap is closed.

Since commissions of up to five percent and average acquisition costs hit with around 20 percent of the amount of contributions for beech, advise the insurance lawyers in the contract necessarily also a look at the closing costs.For as the present case shows, the guaranteed interest rate alone is not decisive. An abridged version of the judgment are the insurance lawyers ready here.

Photographs Claim License Fee – Copyright

The couple married in a restaurant business and had it made ​​professional photos from the wedding ceremony and celebration. The owner of the operation took some of these photos for advertising in a magazine without having previously obtained the consent of the couple. Then the couple brought an action for infringement of their personal rights and demanded the payment of a notional license fee.

In its judgment, the judges followed the presentation of the plaintiff. For advertising purposes by the unauthorized publication of the photos had violated the right to their own image and thus the general right of the plaintiff, the defendant. In general legal rights to the privilege only on the commercial use of the photos to determine calm, so it was a rights. The permission for use of the photos I may also be subject to the payment of a reasonable fee by the couple.

The appropriateness of the compensation would be calculated in the opinion of LG in individual cases according to various criteria, including the manner of publication, the volume printing and advertising impact. On this basis must be assessed, which would have been reasonable fee is usually agreed by contracting parties. Irrelevant in this context is the willingness of the defendant. When calculating the amount of compensation, the judge let the gravity of the infringement of personal rights incorporated. In this case, the particular situation of a wedding must be observed. A marriage agency usually is a very intimate and personal situation, so that the license fee should be correspondingly high.

Copyright and especially the photo right to take more and more important.Especially with the release of images for commercial purposes, any copyright personal rights and portrait rights must be respected. In the event of unauthorized use of photos stakeholders, in addition to injunctive relief also entitled to damages. For questions and problems experienced in the photo right a lawyer should be consulted. After an individual case basis, of he can make any claims. Also in the regulation of rights he is helping.

Tips for Accident Prevention

Particularly in the production area many dangers lurk, ie jobs where you can but pretty hard to get hurt. In the event that an emergency occurs, some General Accident Insurance Company and ensures that the services that need to be taken after a work accident claim will be paid for rehab treatment, etc.. Many of General Accident Insurance Company also has the task to provide beyond by taking preventive measures to ensure that there will be no accidents. There are mostly small measures that are necessary to achieve this, such as the laying of perforated plates on a bridge or designing a staircase with perforated plates to ensure action here for a non-slip surface. The perforated plate at a stairs shall in particular ensure that the slippage is almost impossible.


Safety in production

Must of course be taken in the specific areas and appropriate footwear. A secretary from the administration, which has to do something in the production area and does not have appropriate footwear (for example, wearing high-heeled shoes) would have to borrow appropriate footwear when entering the production area and must overcome such stairs.

Time and again, but also with the production staff who wear appropriate footwear on such stairs or bridges to fatal falls, which can even lead to disability.

In general, however, the types of occupational accidents and diseases have changed dramatically.


Simple tools help

Frequently occur, for example skin irritation and chemical allergies, but can be prevented in the workplace and through targeted prevention. Again, there are simple tools that help that the accident protection is increased or guaranteed, by the wearing of gloves. The excuse that you can not work with gloves, then do not apply. Especially in the cleaning area that excuse is common, and there are many gloves today, which are suitable for any activity, allow the necessary freedom to grip and also also are still tolerated by the skin.

Difference Between Law and Justice

In our current society is frequently set by the people who fight for their reckless claims .. But even if maybe it imposes almost the impression that the sole one who insists on his right and by all means even struggling factors legal right to receive it is nevertheless not above the law, but everyone has to obey the law and to consider the rights of other citizens. About problems arising in such tricky areas such as workplace issue tenants, neighbors, authorities, or other topics of daily life, as it is in most cases fairly wise to advise citizens to defend themselves useful. Inferior significance can usually independently in an open dialogue. Higher, in fact, the value is at issue in a conflict, but it is all the more serious a lawyer should be consulted. Non-lawyers ultimately know hardly completely out with all laws and paragraphs.

Seek professional advice from an attorney in advance: particularly important

Alone a lawyer can be a specialized information on the current legal situation. Here, a preliminary consultation is first and does not lead automatically to a representation contract by the lawyer. Expenses for legal advice, incidentally, are also still quite illustrative. Be regulated due thereon fees usually in the law (RVG). He can describe his legal problems and obtain the rather reliable evaluation of an expert. The legal advice brings in consequence been frequently the long-awaited certainty and inspired all who are in the right, their legitimate rights to obtain also.

An alternative to legal advice in the law firm offers now the Web with a location independent legal advice on the Web. Thanks to the internet it is not necessarily essential to have a personal consultation long. Therefore it is no more than perhaps its time often rely on the next best lawyer, but may seek advice from the nationwide probably most lawyer. This means for example you can without search by a lawyer or where else can advise without having to go after victories. In fact, every dispute for a consultation online is not suitable. In very complex disputes is still preferable to the personal interview. Other hand, for an initial consultation or not quite as tricky cases, the Internet is a perfectly legal advice useful way today.

Conflicts in traffic

Even careful drivers come someday with the traffic law in conflict. In the everyday hustle and bustle on the streets, one can possibly quickly once a red traffic light or you can take note not to close to another vehicle or exceeding the permitted speed limit.

And top of that carelessness by such an accident , it can also be very juicy come might not only extremely unpleasant but often the cause. Fines and the temporary entry of the license to include the usual penalties in traffic law . However, there is thus resistant to disagreements with the relevant insurance companies and offices. Just in case, it is worth an expert such as an attorney with the Department of Transportation right to consult. The expert explains to his clients and is attached by their rights against insurance companies and offices.

Freelance Lawyer

A freelance lawyer who is authorized to act as an independent individual of the administration of justice in legal matters of any kind before courts, arbitration courts and government agencies. A lawyer must be listed to a particular court of ordinary jurisdiction.

To the legal profession is only granted to those who have obtained the qualifications for judicial office, with two legal state exams. The approval is issued by the State Administration of Justice.Professional Association of lawyers is the Bar Association. They have the right to participate in the approval.

The lawyers are under a special honor jurisdiction. They should promote a consensual process and strive to bring a consensus process, preferably without dispute in court to a conclusion. Again and again the attention of costs, risks and benefits of the procedure must be weighed.Court proceedings are known to be more expensive than an amicable conclusion. But the lawyers want to earn their money, they have a certain fee rate, which was established by law.

Attorney Local clubs appoint lawyers. But not every place has a club. Likewise, you can make knowledgeable with the Bar Association if you need a lawyer. Here, however, the random is greater. Just as well they are in the yellow pages or the phone book. But is better to seek advice seek, where acquaintances who already have a lawyer know.

Recommended lawyer are still better, than searching for your self. Since you already have an overview of what people have to pay for what the can do, and see that it was trustworthy, it can really help you, and have more time for the case.

There are a wide variety of subjects: be it family law, labor law, foreign law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, divorce , inheritance law, commercial law, social law, etc. .. Everyone is firm in its field and competent.

Attorney At Law

Recently had a client with us in the office, we had already represented in a labor matter to the labor court. This time he came up with the question at our office, whether he was actually a full age have a claim against his father to pay maintenance.

Finally he described in an initial consultation with the lawyer who supports the field of family law in our main office, detailed his situation. He had moved out, the only child of his parents in the third year of teaching at home because he had not seen the Father. Meanwhile, he lived with his girlfriend’s family.

There is actually quite great, because every afternoon always watch together on TV and watch an evening series with various lawyers. When watching the show with the pretty black-haired lawyer who is always so nice to the clients and also accept legal aid certificates, he then came up with the idea that he wanted to change something in his life. But this he does not want to wait until he has completed his training, but he would immediately change anything. And he summarizes summarily the decision to want to own, nice big apartment rent. He then alas once alone with his girlfriend can watch broadcasts on television, because, unfortunately, his own training content for a flat is not enough he was looking for a not so black-haired lawyer on the go especially in family law. This he then asked if she did not have a tip on how he could rattle off his father so much keep out the ribs that he could afford her own apartment.

The not quite so black-haired lawyer who ever is otherwise very nice to her client, had the poor adult apprentices but announce its disappointment that he deserves because of his not entirely bad salary as a trainee under the guidelines of the Higher Regional Court sufficient to be able to beat it somehow through life without additional maintenance from his parents. Slightly disappointed, but somehow also relieved that he and his chosen family of the great court and will pursue legal series in the future, he left the office and said goodbye to the not quite so black-haired lawyer who was willing to accept his legal aid certificate and was much nicer still, as the lawyer on TV.

Conditions For a Lawyer In The UAE

Through the foreign language and culture by other lawyers established to meet certain conditions.Firstly, it must first acquire a residence permit with a work permit and comply with the regulations. Furthermore, the lawyers are required to have a social security and health insurance for emigration. In addition, it must be possible to sign up and register with the government of Dubai and apply for admission here. 


Due to the different Litigation lawyers must be well versed in the field of the common law as well as the American procedural law can cover due to the different clientele. In addition, Arabic language skills are absolutely necessary if no additional translation agency can be employed. 


The particular characteristics of the site United Arab Emirates The United Arab Emirates are right on the Persian Gulf. They are an amalgamation of individual emirates, of which Abu Dhabi is the largest. The Emirates were initially founded as colonies of the British Empire and in 1971 gained the independence and full sovereignty. Dubai is a bit smaller, but due to the good economic and global relations, it has a prominent position. Also, new buildings, such as the Burji Al Arab or the tallest building in the world Burji Al Khalifa and also the leisure facilities such as indoor skiing in the summer, making the country an attractive destination. It is a meeting place for the rich and famous and today’s jet set. 


Due to the numerous sporting events, such as horse, camel racing and Formula One, the country even more attractive. In business matters, the Emirates are also pioneering. Since the country lower tax rates required than other American countries, including investments in the UAE are highly sought after. Dubai is the new metropolis of the future and is commercially an important focal point. Firstly exported and the country imports many goods On the other hand, the air and sea ports, but also used as a stopover to Asia.Especially the continental situation creates not only locational advantages, but also logistical advantages, the direct result of the proximity to the new markets, additional attention to himself. 


The trade refers not only to the common goods such as oil, also retail business, such as the Date-, cotton and pearl trade, are important goods all over the world. Also, there are many companies that have their own office in Dubai and also strengthen their legal departments by resident attorneys. The American companies have mainly contact at the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which further helps in legal matters and familiar with the import regulations. But the legal departments also search for specific problems, more and more lawyers based on the well-versed in international law and assist in disputes with the English and US law. 


In addition, the US Consulate in economic and legal processes is involved, and thus has also a significant share of investments abroad. Due to the diversity of projects that have already been implemented in the UAE, is also the image of the field of work of lawyers varies. As in construction projects may well arise a situation where more personnel is needed. Here, for example knowledge of  structural engineers, engineers and architects of distress could be. Since foreign lawyers need fluent language skills, it is to know of advantage a translation agency, which knows in technical terms. 


lawyer in Dubai could specialize in family law, but it is always to remember that the current law in the UAE, the English law, which flows into the assessment and management process with. By combining the traditional and the “new western ‘life, the country also attracts tourists and can inspire by foreigners living options for a long time. It is important, that are true to the interests of the country and the population and respectRegarding the areas of employment in the public sector jobs are rare, because the public authorities mostly local professionals are employed.By structuring of law in the Arab States, the foreign lawyers working fields are limited to the area of private law. Criminal trials are conducted in the UAE under the applicable common law and thus there an absolute knowledge is also required in these processes, if the person is not to be delivered.

Moral Standards of Company Law

To assess the socio-moral contractual arrangements involving an overall assessment of all the time the contract is relevant circumstances is required.

An obligation of non-performance partner to repay substantial sums that was established in the partnership agreement of a civil law and the other member of lodges and the agreed flow to the working in the interest of society husband of the shareholder , then do not be immoral if the wife due to their position as shareholders have an adequate economic self-interest in the payments associated with the promotion of its objects.

In the opinion of the Supreme Court should be made taking into account all relevant circumstances, which are given at the time of concluding the contract, the assessment of the socio-moral contractual arrangements, in particular an overall assessment.

The civil law is the simplest form of a partnership. The private company is an association of persons, consisting of at least two shareholders and with a common purpose is pursued. Unless otherwise specified in the partnership agreement, all shareholders are entitled jointly to the Board. According to the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court it is both right-and also a party to, so it can even sue and be sued.

For the  society there are few mandatory legal requirements and it is up to their shareholders to give the company the shareholders’ agreement contour. For instance, the social contract is not bound form and many rules are dispensable. Is precisely this flexibility to a stimulus, on the other hand, the risk of starting a civil law.

This is even more before the legal background that adhere next to the company’s assets, the shareholders of a company for all liabilities of the company with their personal assets. Even if the possibility of the inner recourse is, a single shareholder in the external relationship can first of all be taken of creditors of the Company to complete.

An experienced corporate law attorney provides authoritative, comprehensive, hence the multiple possibilities, can be used to advantage.

An active corporate law attorney helps in establishing a general partnership, the partnership agreement, a change in ownership as well as the dissolution of the company.